What are different types of modelling?

There are many people around, who desire to become a model or maybe you could be one of them, but there are very few who knows the types of modelling. When it comes to modelling, the first thing that comes to our mind is that one needs to be tall and skinny with sharp looks.

Well, you are totally wrong here. You don’t have to be any. There are many types of modelling one can explore and get into, just ask yourself which one do you want to get in? Limiting yourself doesn’t work. Hence do as much as you want to. Model industry is vast. You will possibly fit into one of these categories.

Different Types of Modelling

High Fashion Modelling

Here one can start the career at a very early age. The models have a very strict requirement: A female model needs to be between 5’9 – 5’11 long and if you are a guy you need to be 5’11- 6’13 tall. Along with height one should also have edgy looks, striking beauty with cheekbones and neck bones. This modelling is exclusive and difficult among others.

Runway model:

It is one of the industries where models are paid a very high amount of money. Just like fashion modelling, the models here too should have strict requirements. Here models work for big brands and advertisements. Every runway model aspire to become a supermodel. Hence their walk has to be their strength.

Commercial or print:

This field is vast. It does a lot of different jobs such as print advertisements, television shows, catalogue campaigns, and magazines, etc. and hence one can get a lot of work. You do not have to be thin or tall. It’s just about how diverse you are. In this industry one can start their career from teenage, and work up to 60 years.


The major pull in this industry is to have a fit and sporty look. Height or size really don’t matter here, it’s just that one should have a good and influencing physique. One should also have a keen interest or knowledge about sports. The models here get to work for sport edits, ads or prints.

Local or fitting:

This type of modelling is done to gain experience and helps build a resume or portfolio. The models work for boutiques, make-up artists, designers which also helps them grow their business. The work may be paid as well as unpaid.

Swimsuit or lingerie:

For this kind of modelling, one needs to be 5’4-5’9 tall. The model also needs to be fit and in shape as more of the skin and body is to be shown. The model gets to walk at the fashion show or for a brand.


It is one which follows the trends in modelling. Hands, feet or any part of the body is captured in order to advertise the client or the product. Here there are no such height or weight requirements.


types of modelling

Age difference makes glamour modelling different from commercial and fashion modelling. In glamour modelling looks matter. You can also work as a freelance model here. Also, you’ll be able to find the task through agencies as a commercial model, print model or promo model.

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