Modeling Portfolio

Portfolio price starting from Rs.5,000

We understand your passion for modeling and our experienced team will help you start your career in Fashion Modeling or Acting.

We offer all inclusive Modeling Portfolio Photography

Modeling portfolio is not just a regular photo shoot. It needs a lot of training, planning and the best team to take out best in you. Our experienced team not only assure the professional quality of pictures, but we also make sure you get work in the industry. We offer Modeling portfolio packages with a training program and also provide assistance to reach out to the modeling and casting agencies.

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Makeup is the essential part of the photography and films. It changes the face in the most desirable manner. You know that the no makeup look takes more time rather than the normal makeup. We understand that, and that is why we use the best of the artists in the industry.

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Styling changes the person, and that is what you need in a photoshoot. After all, the importance in the portfolio is your look. We take extra care when we hire a stylist for your modeling portfolio shoot.

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Not everyone is a born star, and not everyone is a star's son or daughter. But we know how stars are born. Proper training is the only key for a successful career in the modeling and film industry. We at VG Studios have experience of training the best of you.


You are smart, beautiful, talented, but nothing will work if you don't know how to market yourself. The portfolio is important, but what is more important is the circulation of your portfolio at the right places. We put all our efforts to circulate your portfolio to the right place. Your success is important to us.

Don't worry, we are not expensive.

Our portfolio package starts from Rs.5000

Almost everyone in his or her life at least once thought to do modeling. But how many have actually become a successful model? Having a beautiful face and attractive body is not only what matters. Just like success in any other career, you need a systematic approach, training, guidance, and marketing to become a successful model. 


Here at VG Studios, we have 11 years of experience in dealing with modeling agencies, casting houses & production houses, and we exactly know what it takes to become a successful model. 

As of now, our modeling portfolio service is available in Delhi, Noida, and Mumbai, but Model training program is available in Noida (Delhi NCR).


Frequently asked questions

The process is very simple. All you have to do is call at 9990009004. 

Our portfolio photography package starts from Rs.5,000. We have other packages also please call at 9990009004 to know more about the packages.

We have different packages for modelling portfolio photography. In our base package (Rs.5,000) you will get 20 pictures. Makeup, Styling, wardrobe & training are part of the other packages.

Defiantly! We help all our models to reach out to the modelling agencies of Delhi and Mumbai. In our top package, we guarantee modelling assignments.

Yes, we have training programs. Please call at 9990009004 to know more about it.

Have more questions?

Feel free to call or whatsapp at 9990009004

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