How to build a Modeling Portfolio

Once in a while, everyone thinks of becoming a model. The glamorous life of models attracts everyone in this world. Astounding lifestyle, glamorous parties, money, fame is what attracts the most. Everybody thinks, to become a model is easy if you have the right kind of contacts, but it is not at all. Like any other career, modeling also needs a strategically planned path for success.

Only three things are required to become a model, a good portfolio, training, and marketing, but unfortunately very few take these things seriously.

modeling portfolio by fashion photographer Vipin Gaur
©Vipin Gaur

What is a good portfolio?

The Modeling portfolio is a collection of professionally shot photographs of a person. It’s a kind of a CV of a model. Whenever an agency or a photographer needs a model, they look through at different modeling portfolios and shortlist the models for auditions, or sometimes they hire them directly. So if your modeling portfolio can not impress a photographer or agency, then it has no use. A good modeling portfolio doesn’t only include your beautiful pictures but also shows versatility.

Here I have laid down a few tips for a perfect portfolio, which can get your career start as a model.

Decide your genre

Before you think of getting a modeling portfolio, you need to know the genres of modeling. There are several kinds of modeling genres like fashion, ramp, lifestyle, fitness, and plus-size modeling. The requirements for modeling are different from one another. For instance, fashion models should be tall with sharp features, and good physic, whereas anyone with a beautiful face can make a career in commercial modeling. We can imagine it is difficult for you to decide which type of modeling will suit you, so let’s make it simple for you. Ask yourself a question, ‘What is that one photograph or magazine that drew your attention and inspired you to become a model?’ Answering this question will help you in deciding the best suitable modeling career for you. And once you know which type of modeling you want to get into, you should approach a professional photographer for a portfolio.

Consult with a professional photographer.

Before you decide to go for a modeling portfolio, it is better to meet a professional who has experience in dealing with models, that can be a commercial photographer who hires models or an agency who signup with models. They are the people who understand the importance of modeling portfolio and can guide you better rather than your family or friend with a DSLR.

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