Modelling is another hobby

“It’s never too late to focus on your dreams.”

Back in your college days you always dreamt of becoming a model, walking on ramps, posing in front of the camera, always being in the spotlight. But somehow those dreams remain dreams only and you move on with your life.

Today, when you are busy somewhere in your office or with your family and in that busy life you manage to get some time for yourself. Enjoying your quality time with a glass of coffee and reading your favourite magazine and going through the picture of the models and thinking in your mind “I so want to be this”. And then getting the nostalgia of your college days when you used to be a part of the fashion society and used to take an active part in the fashion shows. Now you think that you won’t be able to become a model because it’s been too late.

It’s never too late to live your dreams. There is a misconception we all need to clear. Many people think that modelling is all about being slim, tall, fair, attractive and many other factors. But in previous years the trend has changed. Now you don’t need to look perfect anymore. All you should have is a great smile and a lot of confidence.

So, in your mind, you finally decided to take the plunge to start your career in modelling and wondering how you can kick start it or how to become a model? Having so many questions in your mind and getting confused is not the right way. Just relax !!

modeling portfolio image of Shivangi Maletia

First and foremost step is to lay out a plan

Start with selecting the niche of your modelling. For Example Runway/Cat – Walk Model, Commercial Model, Swimsuit/Lingerie Model, Glamour Model etc. Once you are done with selecting the niches then here comes the main task which is to get your Modelling Portfolio. 

Portfolio plays a major role in deciding your modelling career. Your Portfolio is like your resume. It is a collection of your images but a showcase of your talent and experience as a model. Getting a portfolio isn’t an easy task. All you have to do is to get a good & professional model portfolio photographer, makeup artist, hairstylist and good outfits. After all this is placed properly you get the desired modelling portfolio.

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